Tally is one of the best ERP systems in the market available in the market. If we cannot call it the best ERP system of the world, but it certainly one of the best in South Asia continent.  There are many consumers of their ERP system. The oldest ERP software company of Indian was founded back in 1987 and lunches their first software in 1988. The ERP concept was not popular back at that time, they used to sell some simple office software. The modern tally is actually launched in 1998. From then it’s has earned its place among the world elitist ERP system. There many questions about the Tally ERP. Well, managing an ERP system is not easy for a non-tech guy, but if they get right direction they can perform certain duty all by themselves. Today we are going to show you how to enable and set GDTs in tally step by step.

A laptop Image-How to Enable and Set GST Details in Tally

Before you jump into this, make sure you have the latest version of this software. I am giving you instruction, having in my mind that you have already installed the last version of Tally ERP system. Now moving forward to next part.

Follow these Step for Enable and Set GST Details Tally Software

Step 1: Enter into the features of Tally software pressing F11; You will see a menu with some option. Select accounting features.

Step 2: Now you have to select Statutory & Taxation, after that you should select Company Operations Alteration.

Step 3: After you select Company Operations Alteration, you will see two options. They are Enable Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Set/alter GST details. (To select the option you have to press either Y or N. Y means yes and N means No in the software)

Step 4: Now first you have to enable the GST and then you must put details information about the GST in set/alter GST.

Step 5:  Press yes (y) in the option Enable GST and press Enter.

You are setting up the GST in Tally ERP. It may seem a very little bit of work, but trust me without it you will not able to get the full service of Tally ERP system. These steps are very easy and you should be able to perform it even with the minimum knowledge of computer operating, you can set the GST.

Set and Alter GST details in  Tally

Well, we are not finalized yet, there is a bit of work still  Now let me show you how you can set and alter GST details in  Tally.

a valid GSTIN – You will have to have a valid tax identification number or TIN number as for the Bangladeshi business owners.

The rate of GST – You must put the rate of tax in the system, for example – 28% GST for the mobile business person.

HSN Code – Harmonized System Nomenclature is a code for business. It is different according to the product or service you sell.

Now again press the Y and you will press enter. You will find all the information you have put in the ERP system.  See How easy the whole process was, you can do all this without any help of others. This is one of the reasons people call it the best user-friendly ERP system in the market.