Annual Maintenance Contract

We have a written contract for maintenance to ensure that tally always works all year round. If your Business intelligence and accounting tools keep failing then you are in danger of succumbing to the competition and going under. To avoid this unfortunate occurrence, we ensure that we keep a link between us and the people that understand the magic behind this software package. This particular piece of software might be pretty easy to use and offer simplistic approaches to sophisticated business procedures but it is by no means simple in the background. There is a milliard of moving parts and failure can occur from any point. As rare as that maybe, it could still happen especially owing to human error this is the greatest threat to the smooth flow of the software.

Stoppages can be costly and disrupting to your normal operation and it makes sense that you want to keep a contact of a tally ERP 9 expert. For your peace of mind, this has not happened to us in the last year and even if it does, we are not particularly worried because there are tones of support for the software and lots of techies out there who can patch it up.

A basic annual maintenance contract should suffice if you are a company with a multiuser account such as ours and includes unlimited remote support, unlimited email support and telephonic and perhaps an on-site visit when nothing seems to work.

When you are dealing with multiple locations, you might want to consider this service because the likelihood of breaking something increases considerably. With a reliable IT expert with vast knowledge of Tally ERP 9, you can rest assured that any issues you might run into will be resolved with the lowest turnaround time and that you will be back online within a few hours.