Synchronization of Data

We have found that much of accounting processes mean that you are reporting to someone else other than yourself. For this reason, one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the best accounting software for me is the ease of replicating the data as is for others. Namely, is it done manually or automatically so that saved details are reflected throughout the system?
For us, we are operating in a client-server environment whereby our accounting data is sent to and from the server and we are the client. I like that with ERP 9 I can choose what to synchronise automatically and how frequently to upload changes made to the system. We have a private network which eliminates the need to transfer data over the internet which I understand is also totally safe owing to the high level of encryption that the app embeds to the outgoing data.

Again, whether you are a single user silver version or multiuser gold version, you can be configured as both a server or client for the purpose of synchronizing your data. To use the online option, which is very secure by the way, you will need to set up a working moderate speed internet connection and make use of the tally.NET server platform. The server needs to connect to Tally.NET as well as the client. This method involves internet billing costs obviously but is worthwhile if your locations are further apart.
We use what they call an IP sync by connecting our computers in the same WAN. This is ideal as it is much faster, gives us peace of mind security wise and it involves no extra charges for data consumed since we maintain our own routers!
Once you have set up the sync, it’s only as easy as a simple click and your new records are available to everyone that matters.