Onsite support

There is milliard of support services that remote help can’t cover you for as much as it is the most convenient. For instance, when we want to set up for first time use it is necessary that the technician that is to implement your tally solution come to your premise. The coolest thing I found with tally systems is that some of the work can be undertaken in parallel with your day to day operations. This means you continue to run your business and serve customers while renovations are underway.
Some other services like data migration, as well as some synchronization tweaks also require that the tally expert is on site. Obviously, if you are not starting afresh, you have old data that is much valuable to your business and it is worth keeping such records in your shiny new business software.
Exporting data in the correct format from some of the traditional business software is quite tricky business by itself. But once you are upgraded into your new tally ERP system, you are all set moving forwards. You can interface with a plethora of apps both offline and online business tools thanks to the volatile compatibility features of the tally.

Other times you will find that you need to train all your accountants to work with the new system. This piece of software is very easy to use compared to most other software you might have used and thus you can expect an interesting learning experience in the shortest time. Depending on your staff, you can have a customized training course for them in shifts or otherwise.
Onsite support is available through the wide network of head offices for the tally software packages support. From technical fixes to orientation classes, you will enjoy the full benefits of choosing a software that is used by millions of businesses just like yours.