Tally Single User

Currently, we are operating with multiple stations spread out over two locations so our systems are a bit more complex but sure, why not, I think that if a single licensed server is all you need for your accounting solutions then you are good to go with the ERP 9 silver edition. This does not actually mean that you can only access the solution on one station, on the contrary, you can create as many users as you like and add companies to your account as long as all the other human users access the software from the single computer where it is installed and license activated. Additionally, you get to invite auditors via a remote access connection with the use of the auditor’s edition of the tally software can look into your previous accounts and offer you the much-needed compliance advisory services.
You can also add yourself a single tally.net account that allows you to log into your system while you are away on business or otherwise and keep an eye on things while you are gone. Now the beauty part of this is that other business partners using Tally ERP 9 can also let you into their systems by allowing your user identity to access their systems as well. They can also ask you for support or offer the same via the remote support portal. It is a truly valuable indispensable collaboration tool integrated into the app that makes it worthwhile.
I think the single user function is fairly limited for use by moderate businesses as it offers less features but it is ideal for startups, personal use and those looking to test the waters.

NB: Check Tally Single User Price!