Remote support

As the name suggests the technical support we need here is done without physical proximity to the system. There are perhaps a couple of scenarios I can think of when we might employ remote access support on tally systems. Traditionally, this used to be impossible and even those that claim to offer remote access; it was either too weak or non-existent. I love that for the tally software, there is a dedicated team of experts willing to help with every kind of problem and who are willing to help and tell you when the problem needs an onsite inspection.

First of all, it is important to understand that the tally ERP system was essentially built for remote access. It not only makes sense if you travel a lot or even if you work from home but also when you need critical support within the constraints of time. Now you can get help with your tally even when you have stepped outside of the office.
When you need support for your tally, it’s delightful to know that help is only an IP address away. You no longer have to wait for long downtime to get your system issues resolved. With the one-time access feature, you no longer have to worry about how to change your login details after you let the technician operate on your tally.
Instantaneous resolution of issues or at least a meaningful diagnostic to the system is a worthwhile feature and could mean all the difference when you are dealing with a system whose downtime could costs you thousands in lost revenue. So whether you need to add extra customization features to boost the productivity of your tally or get a bug fixed, you needn’t worry because tally has got that covered.