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Benefits of using Tally.ERP9

Here are few of the best benefits of using Tally to manage your day to day Business

Manage Accounting

Tally Provides a simple, user-friendly solution to manage your company accounting system.

Manage Inventory

Need a complete solution to manage your inventory then we have the perfect solution for you.

Manage Payroll

Tally’s Improved database helps you to manage the payroll/salary of your employees.


RIR provides the best tally software system that is highly customizable to meet your needs.

Success Stories

Tally is the mostly used accoutant software worldwide with millions of success stories.

And more..

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Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

No need to spend time with all the paperwork. Let Tally help you with all your data management needs. Contact RIR Software solution today to request a demo

Get your business compliant

With Tally 9.0 you can easily make your company Data GST complaint. As the best tally software provider in Bangladesh RIR always ensures quality and standardization of data for all sorts of companies.
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Analyze Financial Data

Tally software is the all in one accounting software that adopts to your company needs. With user friendly interface you can easily get a bird eye view of your company’s inventory and payroll management.

Tally Software in Bangladesh

Are you aware of tally software in Bangladesh? We at rir.com.bd are providing tally software, service and solution to individuals and organizations. We are proud to provide easy and powerful tally software for managing your business. RIR Software Solution is offering tally software to people in Bangladesh. Our Tally software Bangladesh is a business accounting and inventory management software. It is indispensable to have tally software these days. This is because, with the growth and rise of your business above the global as well as state borders, you need a simple and easy business accounting software which will maintain pace with your growing demand of business. We are providing the best tally software in Bangladesh. Out software is very powerful, unbelievable quick and greatly reliable. It will also adapt to the requirements of your business very easily. At rir.com.bd, we are providing tally software that is a perfect combination of the object-oriented database engine and the multilingual platform. This is an era of technology. If you can use the technology to track the accounts of business then why not use them. The manual management of business account can result in a lot of issues whereas simple tally software can be a great solution to many problems. With our tally software Bangladesh, you will build the pillar of your business with technology; hence, it will be very tough to break. Along with the multilingual feature, improved MIS and the capability of data synchronization will change your idea of the regular business software. We are offering our clients a hand to grow with us and make the business easily visible to the world.

Why choose RIR?

If you are wondering why you should choose our service then, here are the reasons: Corporate solution: rir.com.bd provides tally software that is a complete solution for maintaining payrolls, accounts, and inventory with great supremacy and speed. The tally software Bangladesh has been build with proper care to overcome the challenges and fulfill the requirements of a business. Remote access: We provide the best tally software in Bangladesh and you can access your full account on the go. You can check the balance sheet, transactions, or anything you want. High security and reliability: We are proud to announce that our software is highly secure and very reliable for any business. No matter what is the type of business, we have you covered. All the data of the accounts, transactions, monitored results etc. are only visible to the assigned people by the company. Nobody else except these people can access the data and information. Free installation service: You will get free installation of the tally software directly to your office. We will come to your office to covert the manual accounts to automatic computer-based tally account. Then, we will provide training to the employees for accessing it rightly. 24/7 support: No matter what is the time on watch, call us in case of any problem. We are always there to help you out. This is the brief description of the tally service we provide in Bangladesh. For any other information feel free to call or message us.

"RIR's Tally solution is the best there is. There solution has helped us to save a lot of time and grunt work"

– Ali Sayed

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