Tally ERP 9

I have found this to be one of the most reliable and comprehensive business accounting software ever made suitable both for startup businesses and scalable for growth. It doubles as an accounting software and inventory management software as well as VAT iTax compliance software adapting to your business needs and changing to cope with new developments instantly. There are tons of review online and also a boatload of support for tally and related extension which is what majorly makes it a worthy investment for any business.
With over 1.5 million businesses using the software as the mother software for their accounting needs, there is so much you can derive from user review as pertaining the ease of use and feature suitable for your own business even before you try it out.

Tally is based on an idea of implementing objectives as they evolve and on the fly without spending too much time in the planning stages to stay dynamic and competitive. It makes it easier and straightforward to start a project and configure the variables as you go on an incremental basis. The software should be up with almost no downtime at all with its unique ability to be configurable as it is in use. Yes, you can actually have it set up while still doing your transactions such as no other ERP system can provide.
From data synchronization ability to easy remote access and support, this piece of software comes with you wherever you go on the planet so that meaningful insights for knowledgeable business decisions are never too far away.
In addition, the software is pretty solid and hardly requires regular checkups but for the sake of our peace of mind, we opt to have it regular check. Also, a cheap maintenance contract comes in handy should we happen to break something.

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