Tally Server 9

Since we started using this software a year ago for our medium business accounting needs, we have found it to be the ideal user-friendly total solution for all things accounting and so much more. It allows us to easily print out useful reports in various formats that are easy to understand and create a good impression for customers and stakeholders alike.

With the ODBC support that comes with the latest tally Server 9 solution, we can import or export data in standard formats like XML and CSV to all our business associates preferring other systems. We have been venturing into other online business tools and the SOAP listener has proved to be priceless and proved once again that Tally Server 9 is the total solution we need for our business moving forward.
Reports are perhaps the best part I enjoy about using Server 9 accounting software. Could print out the same balance sheet either vertically or horizontally for instance. Also, apart from the default file formats, I am able to modify reports to achieve new desired impressions. This is particularly useful for my monthly reports that help with managerial decisions about running the business. The clarity of the reports and simplicity is something to adore about Tally Server 9 from an accounting point of view.
Whether its banking records, sales invoices, payroll, cheque writing, or making vouchers, I can finish my tasks in virtually no time with just a couple of easy clicks. The learning curve is minimal as we all were able to use the software with proficiency within only a few days of training as I recall. Most of all, you hardly have to do any real number crunching operations as everything is done for you automatically with minimal errors. With this software, an accountant can do more in a day than before thus improving the productivity of a business dramatically.

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