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About us

Life is becoming fast day by day and it is becoming impossible to depend on manual stuffs. Are you still stuck with the manually maintained business accounts? Do you have employees to do the tally of your business? Are you tired of this conventional way of maintaining business? If yes is the answer to all these question then, you are in need of in your life.

Tally software Bangladesh can do wonders to your business. In Bangladesh, tally software is not much used by the people. Hence, we want to do the honor to introduce it to the people so that, they can understand how easily anyone can mange business with the help of best tally software in Bangladesh.

RIR Software Solution

We are providing Tally ERP 9 to our customers. This is the best tally software in Bangladesh. Nowadays, this is been used by a lot of business organizations and companies for managing the hassle-free and successful business. You won’t believe how easy it is to use this software. This software has all the tools and features that will make your business easy and trouble-free. The Tally ERP ensures that you are GST ready from the first day of business. So, don’t worry while sleeping at night because the security and confidential materials of your business is in a very reliable hand.

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Our Company

RIR software solution is a tally software company renowned for offering the best tally software in Bangladesh along with assisting the clients in utilizing it rightly for their business. There are plenty of tally software companies in Bangladesh but we assure you that you will get the best service with our company. We are proud to call ourselves one of the pioneers of tally software in Bangladesh.

Our Philosophy

With the experts from around the country we have built a tally software service firm that will help the business owners to carry on a hassle-free business. The days are gone when we used to do tally with pen and paper. Now, we use technology to solve all these problems.

We know how important it is for you to grow your business. Therefore, we have designed our services and products in such a way that it fits the requirements of any business, adapts their way of working and successfully takes over all the number related complexities. So as an owner you can concentration fully on the growth and expansion of business.

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Customer Review

To us, customers are the king. So, we aim to please our clients with better service than profit. We along with our team of experts are working 24/7 to ensure the best quality service to our clients. We take pride in the successful delivery of best tally software in Bangladesh. We are one of the top providers of tally software Bangladesh.

Our clients just not complimented our service with 5 star rating but also suggest us to their friends, colleagues and acquaintances. We can assure you that you will not go home broken heart. You can email us or simply visit our website for more details of the services and products we provide.

"RIR has helped us to build a solid Tally system in our company"

– Mohammad Nawaz, Managing Directory, Novistusik Group