Tally Software Customization

How to customize Tally Software?

Every company seems to be different and that is something which we seem to understand wholeheartedly. While you might be okay to work with a standardized tally software, it would not hurt to customize a bit here and there. In this way, you would be able to make it more relevant to your business. In addition, it would also become easier for your staff to adapt to it. This is because they would not have to change things much from their usual flow of work.

Thus, in the case of Tally 9 ERP software, you would be happy to know that we would be able to offer you the option of customization. This would be something that you would be able to do with the help of Configuration. In this way, you would be able to continue doing your work as an Admin user. There would be no requirement for your software provider to be involved for technical customization. Simply put, you would be able to have the freedom and flexibility to customize your platform.


Your company would be able to set up work-flows which could easily be customized. This could be done for common objects such as orders, quotes, vendor RFQs, and quality reports. Thanks to this, you would be able to place these categories in appropriate departments for approval and review.

Process control

Thanks to this feature, you would be able to facilitate the control of quality and also make sure that certification requirements would be satisfied. This is because this software would be able to provide you with paperless in-process instructions for inspection and instructions for assembly, option for customization, and also a collection of data in a step by step manner. In this way, you would be able to make sure that orders would not be misplaced and that they would be followed through correctly.