The Tally Erp system is very popular among middle east and some other countries. This software has a lot of features that make it outstands its competitor. One of them is tax calculation. For tax calculation, every company has different types of rates of tax and benefit. So it is not easy to pick a common tax calculation. Tax calculation in E-bills is also important. But many have asked me to write about how they can make E-Bills in the tally. To give them a proper guideline I am writing this content today.

How to Create E-Bills in Tally Software

I will give how to create the E-Bills with an example. Let us guess that you own a restaurant somewhere is Dhaka and VAT is 15 %, so someone buys a 12 inches pizza from your restaurant and the price of the pizza is 700 BDT, the total price on the bill will be 805 BDT. The price will look like the picture below here.

How to create E Bills in Tally srinshot 1

Presently, when we press Enter once more, there is an alternative called Provide VAT/e-Way Bill Details. You have to select Yes(Y), and you will see all the information about your E-Way Bill.

This section has four different information details. You have to fill in every one of the points with proper information.

  • e-Way Bill Details
  • Transporter Details
  • Dispatcher Details
  • Agent Details

If you show a star (*) that are obligatory to fill that part. Otherwise, the action will not be completed.

In E-Way Bill Details, you do not need to enter the E-way bill number, the number will automatically generate when you put the sales entry. There are some other option, like if you are transporting the good, then you must give a code how you are transporting it. But those are options. You press F12 now and after that Yes, you will see a new option.

Exporting and Uploading E-Way Bill in Tally

If you have done the things I have said up there you will now see an option, which is exporting E-Way Bill in the tally. You will press Yes here.,Just like I show in the picture.

How to create E Bills in Tally2

Fare the E-Way Bill in the JSON document, which you have already transferred it on the E-Way Bill Portal with the end goal to create E-Way Bill.

Now you will get an E-Way Bill number after you have produced the E-Way bill on the online. You need to enter that in the entry also. When you sent out the E-Way Bill in Tally, another little window will consequently get opened up. In here you will find the  E-Way Bill no, just check the details ageing and press enter and now my friend you have successfully created an E-Way Bill with a Sales Entry in Tally.

So see this is easy to learn and do not take a lot of time. People who are thinking that if you use Tally, they might face some difficulty, well that true. Everyone needs some time to adopt new things. So you can count on me to get new updates and help you to guide trough. One more thing, if you are visiting Tally Software you will find GST on their website in spite of VAT. Tally is an Indian software company, GST is actually is VAT for them.