Manage Payroll

Where accounting is concerned, payroll is bound to play an important role in that case. Even though this would be something that would need to be done in intervals, you would still need to get it done. In addition to making your employees happy, you would also need your business to comply with the statutory regulations. As such, payroll would be something which would need to be shown.
Now, when your accounting department would sit down with the process of payroll, you would be able to understand that it would be an extremely lengthy and time-consuming process. This is because so many different factors would need to be taken in to account in order to make sure that the correct results would be derived. As such, human error would also be something which would need to be taken into consideration.

Since this is such a huge and important matter that we are dealing with, there is no way that you would be able to leave it to chance. This would not be something that you would need to with the introduction of Tally 9 ERP software. With Integrated Payroll Management, you would be able to get all the solutions under one roof. Starting from generation of pay slips to revision of salary loans and advances, ad-hoc payments, and deductions – you would be able to get it all.
As such, payroll would become a piece of cake for the people who would be handling it. They would no longer be dreading it like before. In addition, since everything would be available in a digitized version, looking at past records would also not seem to be a problem. So, for instance, if you would like to go through the previous payroll records, you would easily be able to do that. If any changes would need to be made, that it could also easily be done without jeopardizing the whole thing.
All in all, Tally 9 ERP software could really help to make life easy where payroll management is concerned.