Manage inventory

No matter what kind of business you would currently be running, inventory would be bound to exist. This could be said in the case of the service sector as well. Despite the fact that you would be aiming to keep your inventory levels low in order to become more efficient, a bit of it would definitely have to be maintained. This is because you would never be able to predict unforeseen changes in demand. In order to make sure that you would be well prepared to tackle it, it would make complete sense to maintain a minimum level of inventory.
Again, in order to make life easy for yourself and your employees, Tally 9 ERP software would be here to save the day. Thanks to this tally software, you would be able to know your stock levels inaccurate amounts. This would be based on the number of orders that you have received and the steps that would be required to implement the process of sales. No matter how simplified you would try to make the whole process, a couple of steps would still need to be followed – starting from placing the order to making the cash or credit payment. This would be something that you would easily be able to do with the help of this software.

Other than that, if you would require ordering materials, then a specific option would allow you to do that. You would simply need to click on the items, quantities, and then move on to the cart or checkout option. Based on that, you would know the approximate date of when you would receive the goods and how much it would cost you.
With this by your side, your employees would no longer need to burden themselves with maintaining manual records. With just one click, they would be able to access everything and get an accurate picture of the current situation.